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1. Where are you?
a) is
b) on
c) from

2. There are beautiful trees in this park.
a) some
b) a
c) any

3. There are five . in our family
a) childs
b) children
c) childrens

4. Where he live?
a) is
b) does
c) do

5. What in his free time?
a) he does
b) does he do
c) he does do

6. What time does Steve get up the morning?
a) in
b) on
c) at

7. Life very different 50 years ago.
a) was
b) is
c) were

8. I to visit my granny tonight.
a) is
b) am going
c) did

9. What did you get up this morning?
a) hour
b) oclock
c) time

10. Vincent Van Gogh . only one painting in his life.
a) sell
b) stood
c) sold

11. colour are the buses in London?
a) how
b) what
c) when

12. you swim?
a) are
b) does
c) can

13. Laura . to meet her friends
a) want
b) is wanting
c) wants

14. What are you doing? - I my shoes.
a) clean
b) is cleaning
c) am cleaning

15. Normally in this city it a lot.
a) is raining
b) rain
c) rains

16. Do policemen wear uniforms?
a) a
b) an

17. They reading a newspaper.
a) are
b) do
c) was

18. Where are you? -I am home.
a) in
b) the
c) at

19. I 5 pounds for this!
a) pay
b) payed
c) paid

20. Mr Stevens the money to a poor boy.
a) give
b) gift
c) gave

21. You try to speak English as much as possible in class.
a) should
b) have
c) can to

22. We go there if we dont want to.
a) dont have to
b) havent to
c) has to

23. Who the dinner? It smells great!
a) cooks
b) does cook
c) is cooking

24. what that sign means?
a) do you know
b) are you knowing
c) is there

25. The children in the garden while she the dinner.
a) were playing; was cooking
b) was playing; cooked
c) played; cooked

26. you ever to Scotland?
a) have been
b) did be
c) were came

27. Ice cream to Europe in the sixteenth century.
a) bring..
b) brought
c) was brought

28. Hi! I to phone since three oclock! How are you?
a) tried
b) have been trying
c) was trying

29. My brothers crazy skiing
a) over
b) about
c) for

30. If I my mobile phone with me, I them now.
a) had; would ring
b) have; had rung
c) had had; would have rung


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